From the Principal – 31 July 2023

I hope this communication finds you well.

During my movements around the College over the last fortnight, it is evident that our students have returned to Semester 2 with positive energy and enthusiasm.

A summary of key points:

  • Virtue of the Week
  • Strategic Intent Statements for the 2024 – 2028 Strategic Plan
  • Student and Family Study Skills Support
  • Accelerated Victorian Certificate of Education
  • St Philomena School Visit
  • Warning regarding Fee scamming


The virtue of the week is Temperance, which enables one to be moderate in the pleasure and use of created goods.

The College made a commitment in this year’s Annual Action Plan to increase its consultation with families over the strategic direction of the College. During term 2 and the early part of this term, the College Executive has been working through both staff and community feedback to commence drafting the Strategic Intent Statements for the 2024 – 2028 Strategic Plan. I encourage you to review the statements and attend our Community Engagement Session commencing at 9.30am Thursday 10th August, where you will be given the opportunity to provide feedback on these statements.

The theme for the statements is taken from Matthew 18:20 For where two or three gather in my name, there I am among them.

Spiritual Formation

  • Together we are called to ensure that our traditional Catholic Faith is promoted, sustained and enriched.


  • Together we are called to strengthen each other’s capacity to enact the vision and mission of the College.

Learning and Teaching

  • Together we are called to inspire excellence and engage students through the experience of a curriculum shaped by our traditional Catholic faith.

Student Wellbeing

  • Together we are called to form engaged, resilient and aspirational learners.

Physical and Financial Resources

  • Together we are called to display prudent and responsible management of our human, physical and financial resources.

Community and Development

  • Together we are called to seek opportunities to further develop and strengthen our productive partnerships and engage the wider community in support of the College.


As we begin Term 3, it is apparent that the conclusion of 2023 is coming rapidly. Students in many year levels are currently selecting their subjects and programs for 2024, while staff have also begun preparations and planning for the coming year.

For our senior students, the conclusion of their secondary school journey is rapidly approaching. While they still seem some time off, final exams will be upon us in no time and now is the time to begin those preparations. La Trobe and Deakin Universities, along with Elevate Education who are Australia’s number one study skills providers, are providing some very useful strategies for exam preparation that families may find helpful at this time. Links to the following providers can be found below this notice.


The College is aware that there may be students who could benefit from the additional challenge of taking a VCE unit early, a Unit 1/2 in Year 10. This is usually only in one subject in a given year. The College will endeavour to provide acceleration in Physical Education and Biology. However, there will be a range of stipulations that must be met, some of which are achieving at least the expected level in English and Mathematics. Students must also be performing above the expected level in the subject area for which they are applying for access in 2023. Students and families interested in this pathway should attend the subject selection night this Thursday 3rd August.

One of the major events of the term is the St Philomena’s Trip. This year the College will host the event from Saturday 12th August until Tuesday 15th August. If you are willing, we need to determine how many families are able to accommodate students during the visit, could you please contact the College Administration Office.

Finally, last week the Herald Sun reported that families and schools are being misled on WhatsApp (messenger service) by scammers offering parents a discount on their school fees.

Please note that the College will never communicate with families via this platform.    

God Bless,

Mr Kieran O’Dwyer