Fostering Spiritual Welfare

Fostering Spiritual Welfare

Fostering Spiritual Welfare

The supreme law of the Church is the eternal salvation of souls. This is the reason for the existence of Saint Thomas Aquinas College. The primary concern of the College is then the spiritual welfare of the students.

To effectively seek this eternal welfare, the College strives to do the following:

  • Instil a profound love for the traditional Catholic faith by religious instruction,
  • Foster devotion to and the understanding of the sacred liturgy of the Holy Church,
  • Help collegians to develop a well-balanced spiritual life through the practice of Catholic devotions
  • Instil an understanding of one’s responsibilities to society at large and setting a good example that the light of Christ’s social reign can shine forth.

The College concerns itself also with the temporal welfare of its students in offering an environment that fosters excellence in all areas of education.

Through a breadth of general knowledge, the College seeks to equip its students for the challenges of their life in the world and help them choose the way of life to which they are best suited. That they become productive members of their families, the wider community and Australia as a whole is the goal of St Thomas Aquinas College.

The College seeks to assist parents as well in their God-given mission of developing character in their children. Realising that the family, as an imperfect society, is not sufficient of itself to completely develop in their children their God-given talents, the College provides the parents with the means to help their children realise their full potential thus avoiding the Gospel’s condemnation reserved for those who “bury” their talents.

The teaching staff of the College is committed to these goals. Realising that “perfect schools are the result not so much of good methods as of good teachers” (Pope Pius XII), the College is committed to providing qualified staff members dedicated to uphold the mission of the College. Their insightful communication with parents facilitated by their accessibility makes the teaching staff a real help to parents in the fulfilment of their sublime task.

In order to reach the goal set by our Mission Statement, the Principal of Saint Thomas Aquinas College is committing himself to the following duties:

  • At each general staff meeting held at the beginning of a new Term, the Principal addresses the teachers and reminds them of the responsibilities their position at the College entails.
  • Every Tuesday, the Principal addresses the general assembly of all teachers and students; following which the flag is raised and the National Anthem is sung.

In order to foster strong moral values the College provides other opportunities such as:

  • Every week at least three periods are consecrated to the teaching of the Catholic faith in each grade providing the students with invaluable ethical and spiritual principles in order to go through life with high standards of morality.
  • Counselling by priests is also available daily for all the students who wish to use their services.
  • Priests working at the College regularly visit the families at their homes so as to follow up on issues discussed at school or in order to foster a good relationship between them and the College.
  • Sunday Mass which nearly all the parents and students of the College attend is also a great means to keep the school community in touch with the Catholic ideal of education.

One of the main responsibilities for the Principal is to make sure that the working conditions of both teachers and students are conducive to excellence in an atmosphere of harmony and conviviality.

As for the moral results of our teaching, the testimonies given by all those who are in contact with our students never cease to praise their dedication, work ethic, friendliness and good manners.

All this lets us believe that Saint Thomas Aquinas College is achieving the purpose for which it has been created namely forming outstanding Catholics and citizens who take pride in serving both the Church and their country.