Update for the End of Term Three 2021

Dear Staff, Parents and Students, In a few days we will have made it to the end of almost an entire Term in lockdown. It is no mean feat and not without its casualties, but soon we will have made it through. Our teachers in the Primary school have been working around the clock to […]

An Important Message From The Principal Relating To The Closure of the College

Dear Staff, Parents and Students, As you know, the State Government has announced a lockdown effective from tonight which at this stage is planned to last until Thursday of next week inclusive. A number of activities over the coming days have been cancelled as a result. Our plan is as follows: Friday 28th May 2021 […]

Identification of Students who can attend school during Stage 4 restrictions

Dear Parents, Staff and Students, As you will know, the State Government announced a shift to Stage 4 restrictions and this has involved a tightening of the rules around who can come to school and a tightening of the risk mitigation responses required of schools (and all organisations). The following guidelines have been taken from […]

Our Plan for the coming days

Dear Parents, Staff and Students, To provide you with greater clarity about our plan over the coming days, please read the following: We will be ending school early tomorrow afternoon (ie at 2:15pm on Tuesday 4th August) in order to make time for a number of important staff briefings we need to run. We understand […]

An Important Message From The College Relating To School Operations on August 3 and 4, 2020

Dear Parents, Staff and Students, Today the Victorian Government announced a State of Disaster in accordance with the provisions in the Emergency Management Act 1986 (State). In conjunction with this announcement the State Government has introduced a range of other measures based on provisions in the Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 (and associated Regulations (2019) […]

College Arrangements for Term 2 2020

Dear Parents, Teachers and Students, The College has made the decision that we believe it is time for us to initiate a return to school-based learning for our children. This will be done in stages as outlined below and has been done after considering a range of Federal and State Government requirements. Please be aware […]

Changes Affecting Senior Secondary Students 2020

Dear Parents, Teachers and Students, In addition to the letter recently sent out to all parents, we also have the following information for the parents of our Secondary students. Time Management Based on our experience at the end of Term 1 we have decided to slightly alter daily lesson times and have also included Mentor […]

College Arrangements for Term Two, 2020

Dear Parents, Teachers and Students, We hope that families have been able to manage the impact at home and work of the COVID-19 situation. We appreciate that the constraints on movement have caused us all to rethink some of our life priorities as well as challenge the lifestyle to which we have been so accustomed. […]