Principal’s Welcome

Principal’s Welcome

Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to St Thomas Aquinas College

Our mission is to support our young people to become the true and perfect Catholic and by extension learners who display great virtue. For staff at the College, this is both meaningful and joyous.

Together with you, the families and the broader College community our staff strive to strengthen the capacity of our young people to one day become lighthouses of our faith and purposeful, discerning and compassionate contributors within society.

Our students encounter a world with a kaleidoscope of views and many great challenges placed before them. Within this context, the importance of a constant and unwavering faith as something for them to anchor themselves to, that sees each person as being made in the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1: 26-27) – is of the utmost importance.

In working with our young people, God’s presence and spirit are shown through words and actions shared between the stakeholders of our College. To nurture wellbeing, the unique story, giftedness and temperament of every child must be understood and valued in a way that enables love, respect, compassion, forgiveness and hope to thrive. This reflects the belief that every child is sacred and encompassed in God’s love and as such their inherent dignity must be preserved so that they may come into the fullness of life.

It takes faith and commitment, to gift the College the privilege of undertaking a purposeful role in the formation of your child from a spiritual, academic, social and emotional perspective and I thank you for taking the opportunity to explore how we can partner with to support your child on their journey to becoming the true and perfect Catholic.

God Bless,

Kieran O’Dwyer