Ethos of St Thomas Aquinas College

Our Vision

The aim of the College is to form in each youth, the true and perfect Catholic.

Our Mission

To achieve the Vision, the College will provide a complete education taking in the whole of human life:

  • spiritual and physical;
  • intellectual & moral;
  • individual, domestic and social;

in accordance with the example and teachings of Christ.

Our Values

  • Faith: To firmly believe in God and all He has revealed to us through His Holy Catholic Church.
  • Hope: To trust in God; His infinite power, His goodness and His promises.
  • Charity: To love God above all things; and neighbour as self for the love of God.
  • Prudence: To form a calm and well balanced judgement, capable of discerning between truth and error, good and evil, justice and its opposite, then to act in accordance with that judgement.
  • Justice: To give to God and to give to man what is strictly owing to them.
  • Fortitude: To undertake & endure difficulties, and to show resolve and constancy in doing good.
  • Temperance: To show self-restraint in the face of temptation or desire, even in some things that are permitted, so that reason governs passion.

Our Principles

To achieve our vision and our mission, and in keeping with our values, the College will strive to: co-operate with Divine Grace to ensure souls are ultimately returned to God, their ultimate destiny; develop people with a strong Catholic character, ones who will live by principles, and who have a deep understanding of the Catholic faith and a true love for Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother;

Foster a love of the traditional liturgy and the perennial devotions of the Catholic faith; provide an atmosphere of nobility motivated by a love of God, a love of neighbour and a love of self; ensure that all teachers, syllabi and textbooks be regulated by the Catholic spirit under the direction and maternal supervision of the Church; provide a safe and happy environment, following the example of the home of the Holy Family;

Rigorously challenge but not overburden the student; provide an education that challenges students to develop their qualities and their God given talent so they may reach their full potential in their spiritual & moral development, and in their academic, cultural, sporting, creative and social growth; promote the acquisition of knowledge in a spirit of academic excellence, with a desire to continue to learn and to continue to excel throughout their life; develop people with common sense and simplicity based on the eternal principles of justice; ensure our teachers possess a strong interior life, with moral strength and a sense of duty so they are faithful to their vocation and to the dignity of their profession;

Develop people with true affability, respect and good manners, with a constant readiness to oblige; promote self responsibility, self determination and self discipline; encourage love, obedience, devotion and duty to parents and family; guide parents and co-operate with them in the formation of the student; equip our students to become productive members of the Church and society and to willingly perform their religious and civil duty; help our students turn their hearts and souls to what makes life worth living, to what is true, good, great and beautiful.

Major Stakeholders

  • God
  • The Church
  • The Society of St Pius X
  • Parents
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Friends & Benefactors
  • Our local community
  • Australian Society