Transition Programs

Transition Programs

Transition Programs

The key transition points that students move through in their schooling years are their foundation year, year-to-year, the move from Year 6 to Year 7 and finally the move to their senior years where important options and choices need to be resolved about post-school pathways. The College provides continuity during each stage of transition and recognises that positive transitions not only enhance each student’s engagement with and connectedness to their learning but offer all students the best opportunity to identify and achieve their personal goals.

Footsteps Program

Aimed specifically for children enrolled in Foundation, our Footsteps Program is a vital step in ensuring that you and your child experience a positive transition into our College. Through this program, your child will take four steps towards the commencement of their Foundation year. Each step is designed to build the College’s understanding of your child’s individual needs. This knowledge will allow the staff to provide the appropriate level of support for your child during this next step in their formal faith, academic, social and emotional development.

Step 1 – Children undertake a screening assessment that provides staff with a window from which they can view your child’s entry level into Foundation.

Step 2 – Children have the opportunity to explore the Foundation playground, moving through a range of activities that will allow our staff to observe their personal and social capabilities.

Step 3 – Whilst you join our Leadership team for an information session, children participate in an ‘independent of parents’’ session with future classmates tol allow our staff the opportunity to observe your child’s critical and creative thinking.

Step 4 – Children rotate through a range of ‘mini classes’ to allow our staff to observe their literacy and numeracy skills.

Year 6 into Year 7 Orientation Day

Children will find out who is in their homeroom and who their homeroom mentor will be. They will start the process of getting to know their new classmates and hear about the expectations of them when they start Year 7. After the general introductions children will experience a day in the life of a Secondary school student by taking part in a number of different classes.

Our Year 7 students also complete a series of Learning and Wellbeing workshops across the year that covers topics designed to enhance these two pivotal areas including activities that support their transition, such as forming positive relationships, building resilience and developing good study skills.

Year 10 into Year 11 and 12

In Years 11 and 12 students undertake a Head Start Program whereby they commence their next year’s classes with their timetabled teacher of the following year and begin work. There is a sense of purpose and direction to student’s learning in the last four weeks of the College year. Through this program students attend a series of workshops aimed at developing a deeper understanding of the requirements of VCE, study skills and how to develop a healthy school/life balance.