Suggested Secondary Timetable in case of School Shutdown

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Dear Parents,

We have indicated to you that the school has decided to operate in the Secondary context by having students work from home for the remainder of Term One. This is enabling us to prepare for the next phase of this crisis. Already, our staff have done a huge amount of work as we realign our practices to suit a combination of school and home based learning.

As a guide to helping your child continue their education at this time, we handed out individual timetables to all students present on Monday and asked them to place a copy of that timetable in their diaries. We recommend students strive to adhere to this schedule. We handed the timetables out so parents can have a copy. If you don’t have a copy and would like one, please let us know. While we understand that it may not be possible for students to comply with the timetable fully, we put it out to our community in the hope it provides you with some guidance until the end of Term.

Students have asked what they do during periods when they have Sport, or Mass. Our recommendation is that they use these times to exercise or prayer. They can change the times they do these things, of course. But these are still incredibly important things to do.

Other information will follow today. But a reminder that Secondary students were given school gmail accounts that can now be used for school purposes (if possible). Teachers are sending home regular emails indicating what work students should be completing and when. They are also sending information to student emails. Weekly Planners have gone out to parents and students. These will continue to be used over the coming days.

Please contact the Office if you need details of any staff member’s email address.

Please be aware that teachers will be asking students to hand in work required to be done over this period. As this situation develops, we will endeavour to stay in touch with you as best we can. Please monitor your email addresses for further work and updates. Another email will follow this one shortly.

The current situation is unprecedented, but it provides other opportunities for our families as well. We hope you all enjoy the time together over the coming days and weeks. We teachers will miss your children. God bless you all and keep you safe. We look forward to seeing you all back on the other side of this closure.

Thanks – as always – for your continued support

Mark Stanton
Deputy Principal