Online etiquette and expectations for Secondary students @ STAC

As we commence the Home Learning Program at St Thomas Aquinas College, we need to remember that this is a new method of learning for all. Let us be understanding, tolerant and respectful of each other as we work in partnership through this particular time. We ask you to remember that what applies in the classroom, applies online in terms of your behaviour, participation and completion of work. Our Policies remind us that we always treat one another with dignity and respect.

Online etiquette and expectations for students (ie when participating in online classes/google classrooms)

1. You are attending classes!  Act like it.

  • it is expected that your appearance and neat, casual dress would be the same on a ‘uniform free’ day. e.g. comb your hair, no PJs.
  • clothing must not have inappropriate language or offensive imagery. T‐shirts & tops should have sleeves and not be immodest.


2. Open & appropriate spaces for learning.

  • you can only engage in audio and video classes from an open, quiet and appropriate space outside of your bedroom.
  • minimise what is behind you ‐ a blank wall is preferable.
  • household members running around in the background are distracting and will disrupt learning for all.
    • prepare a sign letting household members know that you are currently in an online class
  • check that your video and audio work ‐ a microphone headset is good if you have one.
  • be prepared by completing any pre‐session tasks your teacher has set.


3. Communication during the online class.

  • use appropriate language when communicating (speaking / writing messages) online with your teachers and your classmates.
  • behave appropriately in accordance with school rules, expectations and classroom agreements.
  • the tone of your language needs to be appropriate to the task and lesson you are completing, no different to a normal classroom.
  • do not have other programs, games, app etc. running in the background unless directed by your teacher to do so.
  • be on time in joining the online class.
  • make sure your class notes and other resources are accessible.
  • mute your microphone prior to commencing the class (activate as required).
  • be prepared to participate through audio and other means.
  • note questions that arise during the session and wait for the designated Q&A time, unless otherwise stipulated.
  • remain calm: if you experience a technology fail/frustration be patient with yourself and your teacher. This is new. Everyone is adjusting. Shut the program down and start again.


4. Online safety.

  • To ensure the safety of all, if you are the only participant in a video or audio conversation with your teacher or learning mentor, your conversation will be recorded and saved.
  • All video, chat and direct messages will be monitored. Please remember to act within the school expectations.
  • Whatever goes online, stays online. Take pride in yourself as a member of the St Thomas Aquinas College community.
  • Student’s must not:
    • re‐post a message that was sent to you privately, without the permission of the sender.
    • take or distribute photos, sound or video recordings of anyone connected to St Thomas Aquinas College or other people, including background figures and voices, without their express written permission.
    • upload/post/email images, video or sound, containing members of St Thomas Aquinas College staff and students onto social media platforms (e.g. Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) or any other website or app, without both their authorisation and that of St Thomas Aquinas College.
    • make deliberate attempts to disrupt other people’s use of ICT.
    • misuse chat forums provided in the Google Classroom structures.


5. Privacy

Our College ICT Use Agreement requires you to take reasonable steps to protect the personal information that is held from misuse and unauthorised access.  Please refer to the College Planner for more information. St Thomas Aquinas College stresses that you take responsibility for the security of your device (computer, ipad, phone etc) and not allow it to be used by an unauthorised party.


6. Tech Support

St Thomas Aquinas College’s ICT Support is available to assist with any technical issues that may occur.  It can be contacted through the Office