Online Communication between College Staff and Individual Students

It is acknowledged that during this period of Home Learning, there will be occasions when online written, voice and video communication will need to happen between a teacher and an individual student. This is an essential part of our student wellbeing and academic structure and will continue to be delivered in the online space or via telephone. This will involve scheduled video and voice calls to discuss academic and wellbeing matters and assessment purposes as part of the regular program.

These conversations will only occur within the hours of 8.15am – 4:30pm. As per normal protocols all emails between staff members and students will be facilitated via the official internal College email system to ensure a record is kept.

Any one-on-one online video conversation between a staff member and student will occur via Google Meet and will be recorded.  If the conversation is to occur over the telephone, the staff member will first email the student to confirm the most appropriate number to contact them on.

These procedures are in place to protect the safety of our students and staff and will allow personalised, and professional, ongoing conversations during this time.