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Dear Parents,

Over the coming days our teachers are working hard on changing our curriculum so we can operate in the trying circumstances that are ahead. Based on current information being received by us, it appears the Commonwealth Government is keen for schools to be open as long as possible. From the start of Term Two it is possible we will be instructed to open our doors for students as normal. However, we know that some parents won’t want their children coming to school. So we have to cater for a situation where we have students here and students at home. We also can see the possibility of there being a time when we have to cater to students at home only. All of these sorts of decisions are still a long way off in the future, in a world where things are changing rapidly day-by-day. But we are having to prepare for the possibilities, which is what our staff are doing at the moment.

We have some important notices for you at this time:

Other information will follow tomorrow.

Thanks – as always – for your continued support

Mark Stanton
Deputy Principal