Dear Parents, Teachers and Students,

The College has made the decision that we believe it is time for us to initiate a return to school-based learning for our children. This will be done in stages as outlined below and has been done after considering a range of Federal and State Government requirements. Please be aware that because we have predicted many of the changes that have come to light yesterday and today, we are in a position to bring our plans to fruition slightly ahead of the plan for State and Catholic schools.

Our strategy for the coming days is as follows (see table on back page for a visual representation):

The College has done a lot of work on various elements of its COVID-19 Return to School Plan. This includes investing in Personal Protective Equipment for staff, building up its hygiene-related supplies, implementing stronger cleaning processes and identifying and reacting to the needs of staff.

Some of the major elements of our Plan are outlined below:

Final Words

We appreciate how difficult the past few weeks have been for some of our families. We are enormously grateful for the hard work and effort that our families have put into Home Learning. We are also glad we can now re-open our doors – albeit in a coordinated and careful manner – before the end of Term Two.

We are aware that we have provided a considerable amount of information to families. Please ensure that you and your child understand how we intend to move forward. We are pleased to also report that we have had no known cases of any members of our College community having contracted coronavirus. As we have said previously, we will continue to maintain and abide by all government requirements as this is not a time to become complacent.

May the Risen Lord be with us all at this time as our light of hope into the future.

Thanks – as always – for your continued support. God bless and keep safe.


Father Andrew Cranshaw (Principal) and Mr Mark Stanton (Deputy)