Dear Staff, Parents and Students,

As you know, due to the latest Public Health Order, the State Government has informed us that where students can learn from home they must from Wednesday 5th August 2020 (inclusive). At the moment, the period of the lock down will be for 6 weeks.

We aim to support our staff, students and parents as much as possible during this time. As such, our plans over the coming days and weeks are as follows:

New SECONDARY Period Timetable Times:

New times will apply as follows:

7:15 Livestream of Mass (optional)
8:30 House Mentor Time (compulsory)
8:40 Period 1 (compulsory – as per student Timetable)
9:25 Period 2 (compulsory – as per student Timetable)
10:10 Recess break
10:40 Period 3 (compulsory – as per student Timetable)
11:25 Period 4 (compulsory – as per student Timetable)
12:10 Period 5 (compulsory – as per student Timetable)
12:55 Lunchtime
1:40 Period 6 (compulsory – as per student Timetable)
2:25 Period 7 (compulsory – as per student Timetable)
3:20 Special Activities (optional – more information to come)

New PRIMARY Period Timetable Times:

New times will apply as follows:


8:30 – 10:10


Livestream of Mass (optional)

Time for Home Learning*

Classroom Teacher online (Optional)



Time for Home Learning*

Classroom Teacher online (Optional)




Time for Home Learning*


Special Activities (optional – more information to come)

* = Students are not expected to work throughout the whole day. Google Meeting sessions are provided for students to touch base with their teacher, ask for help, and to generally connect with their teachers. Realistically, home learning times for younger children should be kept to short periods of time.

As we continue to monitor the situation closely, we will keep you informed via email and sms, our newsletter and our website. For broader information, please refer to the official Australian Department of Health website.|

FYI – News is just starting to filter through about travel permits for workers. We will need time to absorb this information as well and it may have implications for those of you thinking about sending children to school in the coming period of time.

We pray for our staff, students and families at this difficult time and hope we can get back to school as quickly as possible.

The College‚Äôs phone numbers (03 5629 2500 and 1300 911 727) will remain operational throughout this period. If you need to talk with a teacher or someone else at the College during this time you can ring this number and we will endeavour to get that person to get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can email our staff using the standard email address format for all staff at St Thomas Aquinas College (ie [email protected]).

God bless and may His Angels protect us.