A Word from the Principal – 15 February 2022

Dear Parents, Students and Friends of the College,

The Principal’s Address is the event of this week. This Thursday (17th Feb) a link to the Principal’s Address will be sent out to all parents of the College. The purpose of this address is always to inform the parent body of the direction of the College each year. It is an opportunity for me to introduce new staff and talk about various projects, events and programs the school plans to undertake during the year. This normally takes place on school grounds as an evening event during the week, but current COVID restrictions preventing public gatherings at schools mean that I have to take the novel approach of recording the address and sending it out through the internet. This new approach certainly comes with some conveniences for parents, as they won’t have to travel nor find a babysitter in order to attend the address, but this novel approach comes with some disadvantages too, namely we have lost a precious opportunity at this time of the year for you to meet other parents, talk face to face with them, meet the Principal and other staff and enjoy real human contact.  This human contact is something we all need right now to reforge community ties damaged by two years of lockdowns and other restrictions. So here are some other ways that we might reforge them:

Mothers of the school community try to meet on a weekly basis at what they call the ‘Haven’. It is a great initiative run by the College Parents and Friends Association to give mothers a chance to catch-up over a coffee and share some time together while their pre-schoolers are supervised in a range of activities suited to their age.  Mothers interested in the Haven can contact the College’s P&F via this email: [email protected]

The Athletics’ Carnival is another event this term which will help forge community ties. The venue is new, namely Casey Fields Regional Athletics Centre, Cranbourne East.  The venue has excellent facilities and plenty of spectator room for parents and friends to watch the events. It is recommended that spectators bring a sun umbrella or similar because shading is limited and not always available on the grassy banks nearest to the students where parents will want to sit. The event will be held on Tuesday 1st March from 10am onwards.  Further information will be sent out to parents closer to the time.

Part of reforging community ties is getting involved in the Parents and Friends Association (P&F). The P&F’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a really important event staged each year at this time to report on the previous year, elect officers and set goals for the year ahead. To make the meeting even more conducive to reforging community ties, this year it will be combined with a wine and cheese night at the priory. It will take place Wednesday evening, 16th March starting at 7pm.  For further details and to indicate attendance please email Daniel Attard: [email protected]

Sincerely yours in the Two Hearts,

Father Cranshaw