St Thomas Aquinas College provides a complete education, taking in the whole of human life: spiritual and physical, intellectual and moral, individual, domestic and social, in accordance with the example and teachings of Christ.












St Thomas Aquinas College confirms there are no known coronavirus cases impacting on the operation of the school.  All safety measures we are undertaking are in line with State and Commonwealth government requirements.

STAC Term Dates 2021

 1 February to 31 March 20 April to 25 June 20 July to 17 September 4 October to 9 December

Why St Thomas Aquinas College?

Each school has something special that makes it different from any other. Why are parents more inclined to send their children to one particular school rather than another?  Because of what that school offers, its way of teaching, its way of life.  In one word: its ‘philosophy’. What is the philosophy of St Thomas Aquinas College
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STAC High School

Featured Video: VCE Boys Trip to North Queensland

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The College Choir performs at the West Gippsland Eisteddfod

A Secondary Boys' Fencing Lesson

Inter-school Sports Competition: Sporting Schools Victoria -

Laying a wreath at the Tynong Anzac Day Ceremony

To Form In Each Youth The True And Perfect Catholic

St Thomas Aquinas College

Honor Excellentiae Debetur

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The aim of the College is to form in each youth, the true and perfect Catholic.

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