Our Plan for the coming days

Dear Parents, Staff and Students,

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To provide you with greater clarity about our plan over the coming days, please read the following:

  • We will be ending school early tomorrow afternoon (ie at 2:15pm on Tuesday 4th August) in order to make time for a number of important staff briefings we need to run. We understand that this is late warning, so if you cannot pick up your child before the usual pick up time rest assured that that is OK and we will ensure they are supervised from 2:15pm until the usual pick up time. If you can pick them up at the earlier time, we would greatly appreciate it. We apologise for the late notice – the current situation has required us to implement changes with minimal warning.
  • On Wednesday 4th August no online classes will run and staff will not be available. We are giving our staff a student free day so they can prepare for the upcoming period of lock down. We felt it was more appropriate to hold this day on the Wednesday (ie rather than Tuesday) where staff could work from home and rather than giving our parents less than one day of warning as has happened everywhere else.
  • Online classes for students in Years 7-12 will run from Thursday in accordance with a subsequent letter that will be sent to you over the next 24 hour period. This letter will contain (among other things) adjusted lesson times and Google Meet codes.
  • Primary teachers will also be available throughout the period via Google Meet (see next letter for more information). It is not mandatory that Primary aged children attend all of these sessions (and we certainly understand not all families have the technology to access them), but we felt it would be good to provide students with an opportunity to see their teacher and ask questions if needed. These sessions will be held during the Secondary Recess and Lunch times so younger siblings can use older sibling’s technology for this short period of time. Relevant User Names, instructions on how to use Google Meet, and Meeting codes will be provided. This is being provided in response to parent’s requests.

God bless and may His Angels protect us.