A Word from the Principal – 22 March 2022

There is a lot of truth in the saying “You are what you eat.” A quick glance at the eating habits of young people in Australia shows why schools and families need to up their game when it comes to encouraging kids to eat more fruit and vegetables because healthy food improves student performance and outcomes.

A Word from the Principal – 16 March 2022

This week our College is participating in the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence (NDA). The NDA is Australia’s key bullying prevention initiative, connecting schools and communities to find workable solutions to prevent bullying. With the Feast of St Joseph coming up this Saturday 19th of March, it is good to recall that St Joseph is our model of paternal protection.

A Word from the Principal – 8 March 2022

Music is an important part of a well-rounded education, therefore is one of the subjects that our school takes quite seriously; but the talents of our students go far beyond the classroom, moving us to provide as many outlets to develop those talents as means provide. Here are some ways our school supports the musical formation of its students.

A Word from the Principal – 2 March 2022

Yesterday’s Athletics Carnival was a huge success. Please bear with me while I move through my list of thanks. I would like to thank Mr O’Dwyer for overseeing the staff and coordinating the whole event; Mr Bell for the overall co­ordination of the logistics; Miss Bell, Mr Wilkinson and Mr Williams our Deans for their oversight of the operations on the day and for the many hours of planning they put into this event. I would like to thank Mr Chipperfield, Mr Ramirez and Charles Upston for the collation and data entry on the day, our 12 parent volunteers who gave up their whole day in some tiring roles to ensure the events were properly manned; the College P&F for taking care of our visiting parents; the visiting parents for their support, co-operation and good spirits; the students for their great sportsmanship, good behaviour and great participation; and of course God for providing us with good weather on the day despite the poor forecast.

A Word from the Principal – 22 February 2022

Whether you’re a parent with a student in Prep or Year 12, chances are that there have been times when you have considered whether to go up to the school about an issue that is affecting your child and sort it out immediately. When helping your child, working out what requires and does not require your intervention can be tricky. If your child’s physical, psychological or mental health is in danger then you should intervene. However, if the issue is not of this magnitude, ask yourself this; what would happen if I didn’t go to the school about this issue? Sometimes refraining from intervening may be the best thing for your child because if they have just had a bad day and need to offload, the best thing they need is an adult ear.

A Word from the Principal – 15 February 2022

The Principal’s Address is the event of this week. This Thursday (17th Feb) a link to the Principal’s Address will be sent out to all parents of the College. The purpose of this address is always to inform the parent body of the direction of the College each year. It is an opportunity for me to introduce new staff and talk about various projects, events and programs the school plans to undertake during the year. This normally takes place on school grounds as an evening event during the week, but current COVID restrictions preventing public gatherings at schools mean that I have to take the novel approach of recording the address and sending it out through the internet.

A Word From the Principal – 8 February 2022

Our college is very focused on being true to its mission of forming in every youth the true and perfect Catholic. Since Jesus Christ, Our Lord and God, is perfect and since “the goal of a virtuous life is to become like God”, (St Gregory of Nyssa) then it follows that perfection lies in virtuous living. Therefore, growth in virtue is a central part of a Catholic’s formation. But how can we grow in virtue unless we know what it is? How can our students practice it unless they know what it looks like and how to practice it?

A Word from the Principal – 3 February 2022

The term has begun really well. Students are very positive about being back at school amongst their peers and are excited about the term ahead. The Solemn High Mass yesterday, which marked the opening of the school year was a beautiful ceremony in which the students served and sung very well. I thank the parents for their support and attendance.

Update for the End of Term Three 2021

Dear Staff, Parents and Students, In a few days we will have made it to the end of almost an entire Term in lockdown. It is no mean feat and not without its casualties, but soon we will have made it through. Our teachers in the Primary school have been working around the clock to […]

An Important Message From The Principal Relating To The Closure of the College

Dear Staff, Parents and Students, [avatar user=”Mark” size=”thumbnail” align=”right” /] [avatar user=”Father Cranshaw” size=”thumbnail” align=”right” /] As you know, the State Government has announced a lockdown effective from tonight which at this stage is planned to last until Thursday of next week inclusive. A number of activities over the coming days have been cancelled as […]