A Message for Parents – Email glitch

Dear Parents, We have been trying to work out why some of our emails haven’t been going out to parents. This afternoon we worked out the problem and have removed the blockage on some of the emails that were meant to have gone out. Unfortunately, in fixing the issue we have released all the blocked […]

Student Attendance For Term Two – Week One

Dear Parents, Further to my last email, can we please ask parents to let the Office know if they need to send any of their College enrolled children to school on any day – Tuesday to Friday – of the coming week? (Monday is obviously a student free day). We don’t need to know if […]

Online Communication between College Staff and Individual Students

It is acknowledged that during this period of Home Learning, there will be occasions when online written, voice and video communication will need to happen between a teacher and an individual student. This is an essential part of our student wellbeing and academic structure and will continue to be delivered in the online space or […]

Online etiquette and expectations for Secondary students @ STAC

As we commence the Home Learning Program at St Thomas Aquinas College, we need to remember that this is a new method of learning for all. Let us be understanding, tolerant and respectful of each other as we work in partnership through this particular time. We ask you to remember that what applies in the […]

Changes Affecting Senior Secondary Students 2020

Dear Parents, Teachers and Students, In addition to the letter recently sent out to all parents, we also have the following information for the parents of our Secondary students. Time Management Based on our experience at the end of Term 1 we have decided to slightly alter daily lesson times and have also included Mentor […]

College Arrangements for Term Two, 2020

Dear Parents, Teachers and Students, We hope that families have been able to manage the impact at home and work of the COVID-19 situation. We appreciate that the constraints on movement have caused us all to rethink some of our life priorities as well as challenge the lifestyle to which we have been so accustomed. […]

Continuity of Learning – More Important Information

Dear Parents, I hope this email finds you well and that you are surviving the new experience of Home Learning. Only two days to go until holidays! I’m sure we are all looking forward to it! Reflection We have received some feedback that we haven’t necessarily given parents enough time to prepare for this new […]

Continuity of Learning and pick up of Contingency Packs

Dear Staff and Parents, We are getting a lot of feedback from our parents and students about how they are going with our new learning paradigm. No-one can predict the future, but recent news about the spread of the virus seems to indicate there is hope that we, as a nation, are flattening the curve. […]

Continuity of Learning and VCE students during the school closure period

Dear Staff, Parents and VCE Students The College acknowledges that the current situation will inevitably impact students undertaking VCE subjects. For the foreseeable future, we will need to take a more agile and flexible approach to learning and assessments for all students undertaking one or more Unit 1 or VCE Unit 3 subject(s). Remote Learning […]

Re: An Update For You All

Dear Parents First of all, I’d like to offer a huge thank-you to you all for your support. We know this is a difficult time. We know for some of you, home learning is very difficult. But our students and families are really doing a great job so far. We know we can improve what […]