MacKillop Learning Centre – Girls Yrs 7-10

MacKillop Learning Centre – Girls Yrs 7-10

MacKillop Learning Centre – Girls Yrs 7-10

Throughout the MacKillop Learning Centre, our Girls encounter purposefully designed learning experiences that are delivered through the lens of our traditional Catholic faith.

The College is guided by the Australian Curriculum Year 7 – 10 which provides an excellent framework for monitoring student growth in learning.

The curriculum is comprehensive, relevant and purposeful. It is designed to allow our girls the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and capabilities needed to experience success and prepare them for the challenges of VCE.

Learning a language enhances the formation of a student. Throughout their educational journey, our girls are afforded the opportunity to study Latin or French and can continue studying their languages during their VCE.

Our Learning and Teaching programs are designed to cater for the individual needs of all girls. The learning is differentiated to ensure that every girl is challenged appropriately and their program is individualised to their particular needs.

Our assessment practices are designed to allow the girls to follow a positive trajectory in their learning by providing feedback that is targeted towards ensuring the growth and development of individual skills.

Our girls are supported through our Wellbeing Program, which is developed around the social and emotional learning framework, BRIE. Key aspects of the program focus on Balance, Resilience, Insight and Empathy.

The MacKillop Learning Center is an environment where our girls develop a deep understanding of the Cardinal and Theological Virtues, supported by positive educators and mentors. In this all-girls environment, our girls develop Temperance, Fortitude and Justice that enables them to act prudently as they strive for genuine achievement.

As an independent school, we are proud to have created a learning environment that is true to our traditional Catholic faith and vision of the College.