Dear Parents,

Please find attached an important update regarding what is happening at school over the coming days.  Please understand we have had to make the decision to move to a different style of educational service in order to be able to prepare for the worsening situation that is coming our way.

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A Summary:

  • Tomorrow (Tuesday) is now a Student Free Day declared so we can prepare for the coming weeks and months.
  • From Wednesday, Primary students will be undertaking home study using the kits sent home last week.
  • From Wednesday, Secondary students will be undertaking home study using the weekly planners sent home tomorrow. Many students were given a copy of their timetable today. It’s in their diary.
  • On Thursday, VCE students will come to school for a special day with their teachers. This will happen twice more next week.
  • Secondary students will be called back to school next week to meet with their teachers. More details later this week once we relevant health advice at that time.
  • We need parents to understand that where students miss assessments and the like because they are not at school, we cannot make too many allowances. The situation is going to last for at least 3 months and quite possibly much longer.
  • Where parents are not in a position to have their children at home BEYOND TOMORROW (eg because they work in essential services), we will provide an area for them to work at school. From tomorrow the current mode of classroom delivery will cease until further notice. Students coming to the school to work will be working on their own materials with a staff member present. Please let Office staff know by the afternoon before each day.
  • Our holidays will stay where they were planned (ie from the 4th April until the 19th April). We have not aligned with the State schools because the COVID-19 situation will only worsen over that time.

God bless you all at this difficult time. Let’s be ready to bounce back as quickly as we can on the other side.

Mark Stanton
Deputy Principal