A Word from the Principal – 2 March 2022

Dear Parents, Students and Friends of the College,

Yesterday’s Athletics Carnival was a huge success. Please bear with me while I move through my list of thanks. I would like to thank Mr O’Dwyer for overseeing the staff and coordinating the whole event; Mr Bell for the overall co­ordination of the logistics; Miss Bell, Mr Wilkinson and Mr Williams our Deans for their oversight of the operations on the day and for the many hours of planning they put into this event. I would like to thank Mr Chipperfield, Mr Ramirez and Charles Upston for the collation and data entry on the day, our 12 parent volunteers who gave up their whole day in some tiring roles to ensure the events were properly manned; the College P&F for taking care of our visiting parents; the visiting parents for their support, co-operation and good spirits; the students for their great sportsmanship, good behaviour and great participation; and of course God for providing us with good weather on the day despite the poor forecast.

It was beautiful to see the school community coming together and working together to create such a successful day. It is what we hope to achieve again and again across the year as opportunities for new events arise. The next event to which parents and friends are invited is the Solemn High Mass at Corpus Christi Church Monday, 7th March feast of St Thomas Aquinas. The ceremonies will start at 8:40am.

Parents have been notified by the College that they will need to drop off their children at Corpus Christi Church by 8:25am. They have been asked to notify the College if they need help with transporting their children. Parents and friends are welcome to stay for the Mass in order to pray for our school, its staff and its Principal, all of which are always so much in need of your prayers. Please consider making the sacrifice of your time this day to be present at the most holy Sacrifice of the Mass in honour of our school’s patron Saint Thomas Aquinas and to pray for our school.

Since I am writing to you on Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, I wish you all a most holy and penitential Lenten season. I invite you all to offer your prayers and sacrifices not only for your personal sins, but for the sins of the world so that the war in Ukraine may soon end. May this be a daily intention of your family rosary and daily sacrifices during the next 40 days of solemn penance.

Sincerely yours in the Two Hearts,

Father Andrew Cranshaw

Relaxation of mask requirements for students and staff in Schools

The Victorian Government made significant changes to pandemic orders and public health recommendations that came into effect, 25 February. The changes in­clude measures in schools related to the use of masks.

Masks will only be required indoors in the following circumstances, unless an exemption applies:

  • People on public transport
  • Students in year 3 or above at primary school, and workers at early childhood centres and primary schools.

Masks can be removed in secondary schools.