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General Student Rules

Students will keep their textbooks covered at all times. The covers are not to be ruined with graffiti. Only name, grade, subject and book title are permitted to be written on the cover.

Students will walk in an orderly manner in the classrooms and in any College buildings.

Students entering a class late are to report immediately to the teacher.

Students are to rise whenever an adult visitor enters the room.

Students are to address fellow students by their Christian names (no derogatory names). They will address all other people by their correct title.

Thomas Aquinas College will not tolerate student disrespect or disobedience towards authority.

All students are to observe silence and serious demeanour whilst in chapel, during assemblies and any other time when silence is demanded. Students are to assume a proper posture at all times (hands out of pockets, standing straight, etc.)

Boys must keep their hair short: off the ears, off the collar and off the eyebrows; and may not be faddish in nature, e.g. step, rat' s tail, undercut, colouring. Facial hair is not permitted. Girls must keep their hair neat if short and tied back if long. No hair colouring is permitted.

Consumption or possession of alcohol or drugs is absolutely forbidden. Likewise forbidden is the use or possession of any tobacco product or smoking utensil (including matches, lighters, lighter fluid).

Students will not possess any form of firearm, fireworks, explosives, etc.

Books, magazines, pictures, comics, letters, notes, etc. of an immoral content are absolutely prohibited.

Stealing and vandalism will not be tolerated. A student responsible for such an action will be severely punished. In addition, the parents will be billed immediately for the costs of repair.