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Fees and Auxiliary Costs

The payment of tuition fees is a necessary burden for all parents. The College, in its fee structure, has tried to establish a balance which does not make the payment of fees beyond the reach of families, realising, however, sacrifices need to be made. It will be a financial sacrifice for many to send their child(ren) to St. Thomas Aquinas College but the reward is the sanctification of your children's souls.

The fee structure is aimed at helping large families with substantial discounts for second, third and subsequent children.

Current Fees for 2015
PRIMARY   1st Child  $1,280  $320.00 
   2nd Child $765    $191.25 
  3rd Child   $345    $86.25
  4th Child   $325    $81.25

 SECONDARY  1st Child  $2,550  $637.50
   2nd Child  $1800  $450.00
   3rd Child  $780  $195.00
   4th Child  $745  $186.25

There is a fee cap for families of $6,800 per annum

Methods of Payment

Annual accounts are issued early in first term with the various repayment options listed.

Discounts are given to families who pay their fees either annually or half-annually in advance of 5% and 2.5% respectively. Fees must be paid within one month of issue in order to receive the discount.

Should a student, for whatever reason (including expulsion), leave the College after the commencement of term; there will be no reimbursement of monies due for that term.

Auxiliary Costs

In addition to tuition fees, parents must ensure all students have the necessary textbooks and stationery.

Accident Insurance

The College arranges accident insurance cover for all students. This policy covers students for certain incidents which may occur while on campus or on a school organised activity/excursion off campus. The cost of premium will be included in the first term's account. (approximately $7.00 per annum) 

Direct Debit

The College encourages payment by direct debit through the banking facilities. If using this our details are as follows:

BSB: 083 – 827 Account Number: 48691 5322

Please advise the bank to ensure your name is on the deposit.