International Art Competition in Honour of Our Lady of Fatima


A:  8-10 years old

B:  11-13 years old

C:  14-16 years old

D:  17-19 years old

Entries will be judged according to general artistic expression and ability to capture the

subtle beauty of our Blessed Mother.


Stage I – within St Thomas Aquinas College

Category winners will be selected and forwarded to take part in Stage II of the Competition against all other selected entries submitted worldwide.

Deadline: 2nd May 2017 

Stage II - Selected Entries Will Compete Internationally

All submissions will be displayed online, with participating schools given access to view the gallery of works. Each school is then given a chance to vote for the 2 best entries in the world.

Contest results will be announced June 30th, 2017.

There will be Mass celebrated for the Winner’s intention as an award.


Let us unite in order to honour the celebration of such an important anniversary. Let us create an army of Knights of the Immaculata - small in number, but big-hearted. Let us kindle hearts that will reward the coldness and insults of the world, fulfill Mary’s commands and be Her obedient tools. It is enough only to say "Fiat". SHE will do the rest.


Congratulations to the following Stage I Category Winners.

Isabela Pavlovic
Category A - Ages 8 to 10

Claire Sprowell
Category B - Ages 11 to 13

Isaac Taveira
Category C - Ages 14 to 16

Victoria Ward
Category D - Ages 17 to 19