An Introduction to the. . .
St. Thomas Aquinas College

R/C Aero Model Club

The Club's Aims

To introduce and teach students to build, maintain and fly radio control and line control model aeroplanes.

To develop an interesting hobby for students where they can learn practical hands-on skills and develop interests relating to aeronautics, aviation, electronics and mechanics.

To help develop in students practical responsibilities and discipline, while working in groups within a 'Club' environment, along with being polite and charitable to one's neighbours.

Long term to introduce potential students to recreational flying and possibly 'Air Cadets' and/or an AeroNav Academy promoting private or commercial pilot's licences.

Long term – to develop interests and skills for students to follow apprenticeships in the Aircraft maintenance industry and/or help finding employment in private or commercial aviation sectors.

This R/C Aero Modellers Club will encourage student hobbies and to teach them to enjoy themselves while having 'good old fashioned fun with others' and working in group environments.

How to ? 

Learning how to fly radio control aeroplanes will teach students good eye-hand co-ordination, while keeping their minds focused on what they are doing ('concentrating') for however long it takes while keeping their planes flying and in the air.

The club's aim will also be to encourage students to move away from senseless video game playing practices, while being out in the open with friends, developing new skills.

The students will be taught to respect club property and will contribute to the club's financial situations by paid annual membership fees.

Members will have a variety of air crafts to fly with most equipment being new and reliable in both trainer models and scale models.

Where ?

Club house facilities on the school, using the Old Administration building.  Equipment, tools and models can be locked up when not used and there is plenty of room to build models from plans.

The school's recreational building/hall can be used when the weather is wet or unsuitable for flying.

When ?

Club meetings are held every second Saturday of each month from 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Outings and other interests

Club members will enjoy visits/outings to public air shows and other R/C flyer events around Victoria such as the Avalon International Air Show 2015 (see below).

Club members will be encouraged to participate in 'fly in' tournaments or competitions around the state, when and where available.

They will be shown how to enjoy themselves while having 'pride and ownership' in a hobby that is truly the best hobby to have anywhere, any time!

Members will need to be eight years old and upwards.

Annual fees are set at $100.00 per member.

For all inquiries, contact Dominic Ockerse : 0438 613 001